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Every day, more lives are transformed all over the world – one healthy habit at a time. Read the latest about how Medifast and the OPTAVIA® movement is impacting people’s lives.

OPTAVIA® Launches New Hydration System Aimed at Healthy Habit Creation
Purposeful Hydration Unveiled at Annual OPTAVIA Convention

BALTIMORE, July 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Medifast, Inc. (NYSE: MED), a leading manufacturer and provider of clinically proven, healthy living products and programs, today announced the launch of its new hydration system, Purposeful Hydration™, the newest healthy habit within the OPTAVIA product portfolio.  

Purposeful Hydration. Another healthy habit, done with purpose.

Purposeful Hydration provides two benefits. The first, to cue you when to hydrate and why, and the second, to hydrate you throughout the day. Newly released products include:

  • START STRONG: Contains as much Vitamin C as six oranges and helps support a healthy immune system.
    • Flavor: Juicy Orange
  • B ACTIVE: An excellent source of B Vitamins, which help support cellular energy production. Each sip contains seven B Vitamins.
    • Flavors: Refreshing Raspberry Lemonade and Lemon Lime Zest
  • REPLENISH: Helps restore key electrolytes lost throughout an active day and is a good source of Potassium and Magnesium.
    • Flavor: Bold Mixed Berry

As part of the OPTAVIA program, Clients and Coaches may consume one START STRONG, two B ACTIVE and one REPLENISH servings a day.

"At OPTAVIA, our mission is to offer the world lifelong transformation, one healthy habit at a time," said Dan Chard, CEO of Medifast. "Making healthy habit creation easier is the driving force behind our product innovation. Purposeful Hydration is designed to make healthy hydration second nature for our OPTAVIA Community."

Purposeful Hydration was introduced at the annual OPTAVIA Convention, which brought together nearly 6,000 OPTAVIA Coaches and Clients in St. Louis. The company's largest event offers trainings and workshops for attendees to help grow their businesses and expand their leadership skills.

Attendees experienced the new product firsthand at Purposeful Hydration lounges throughout the event and shared their experiences on social media by using the #PurposefulHydration and #OPTAVIA hashtags.

Purposeful Hydration will be available to OPTAVIA Coaches and their Clients starting August 13, 2018.

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About Medifast®:

Medifast (NYSE: MED) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of clinically proven, healthy living products and programs. The brand has been recommended by more than 20,000 Doctors since its founding. Its integrated coach model offers the world optimal health by leveraging nearly 40 years of experience from medical, franchise, e-commerce and direct selling channels. Medifast and its community of independent OPTAVIA Coaches embrace the future of wellness with a shared vision to offer the world lifelong transformation, one healthy habit at a time™. OPTAVIA is represented by a community of more than 16,000 OPTAVIA Coaches who teach Clients healthy habits, while offering support and guidance on their transformation journey. In 2018, Medifast announced it will expand into the Asia-Pacific markets of Hong Kong and Singapore in 2019 with its integrated coach model. Medifast is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and was named to Forbes' 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America List in 2016 and 2017. For more information, visit or

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