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Medifast Weight Control Centers Open First Virginia Location

Medifast, Inc. announces the grand opening of the first Virginia Medifast Weight Control Center, located in Fairfax. The new center is approximately 1,275-square-feet and has six private counseling rooms. The Fairfax Medifast Weight Control Center is located in the Pender Village Center, 3903 Fair Ridge Drive, Suite 209, Fairfax, VA 22033. For more information and to find the nearest Medifast Center, log onto or call 1-888-Y-MEDIFAST.

"The backbone of the Medifast Weight Control Centers is one-on-one, highly personalized counseling," said Joseph J. DiBartolomeo, Ph.D., Senior V.P. of Medifast Weight Control Centers. "The Fairfax Medifast Weight Control Center will provide accountability with weekly weigh-ins. Clients are provided the tools to eliminate unhealthy behaviors and create new, healthy habits."

Medifast Weight Control Centers' trained counselors help clients design a personal program based on their lifestyle. Together, the counselor and client determine an achievable weight-loss program based on an individual profile analysis and an in-body scan that shows exactly where fat is stored and how much recommended weight the client needs to lose.

Medifast Weight Control Centers offer the Medifast Program, which has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980. Medifast Weight Control Centers offer a proven, safe, and effective option for clients who need personal support during their weight loss.

"We're thrilled to be expanding into the Northern Virginia market," said Michael S. McDevitt, Chief Executive Officer of Medifast, Inc. "The Fairfax Center increases our reach to eight states: Virginia, Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota and Texas. Today, based on the current success and client satisfaction of the 30 corporately owned Centers and 20 franchise-owned Centers, we believe we have a tremendous opportunity for future growth in both new and existing markets."

Medifast's corporately owned Centers are located in Austin, Dallas, and Houston, Texas; Annapolis, Baltimore, and Gaithersburg Md.; Fairfax, Va.; and Orlando, Fla. Franchised locations of Medifast Weight Control Centers are currently operating in Minneapolis, Minn., Phoenix, Ariz., Birmingham, Ala., and San Diego and East Bay, Calif.


  About Medifast Weight Control Centers:

Medifast Weight Control Centers currently operates 30 corporate-owned Medifast Weight Control Centers in Florida, Maryland, Texas, and Virginia, and sold the rights to 20 franchise-owned Medifast Weight Control Centers in Alabama, Arizona, California, and Minnesota. Further information and locations can be obtained by calling 1-888-Y-MEDIFAST or visiting

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