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NATIONAL MEN'S HEALTH WEEK: Monday, June 13 - Friday, June 17

- Psychiatrist Available to Discuss Unique Issues and Pressures Men Face When

                   it Comes to Weight Loss and Health -

   WHAT:  National Men's Health Week is a nationwide effort giving health
          care providers, public policy makers and the media the
          opportunity to raise awareness of men's health issues and
          encourage men to seek regular medical advice and early treatment
          for disease and injury.

          In support of National Men's Health Week, Dr. Lucian Manu, a
          clinical psychiatry instructor at NYU Medical School specializing
          in weight control, obesity, emotional eating, and binge eating
          disorders, is working to raise awareness of the unique issues and
          pressures men face when it comes to weight loss and health.

          "When dealing with men and obesity, it is critical that we
          understand the male psyche and provide a solution that offers
          motivation, rather than shame," says Dr. Manu.  "Empathetic and
          well-informed weight loss messages are necessary when approaching
          men with this sensitive topic.  Men with weight and eating
          problems often feel misunderstood, uncomfortable and rejected in
          a society that does not understand these problems for men."

   WHY:   With 59% of men in the U.S. considered overweight or obese, men
          are at serious risk for obesity-related health problems including
          diabetes, heart disease, etc.

   WHO:   Psychiatrist:  Dr. Lucian Manu is a clinical instructor of
          psychiatry at NYU Medical School in New York City, and the
          president of the Manhattan Behavioral Health Group.  Having
          suffered from emotional eating as a child and young adult, Dr.
          Manu's interest in the study and treatment of emotional eating
          and obesity issues is the result of his own personal experience.
          He is also a voluntary (non-paid) advisor to a number of weight
          loss programs and companies, including Medifast.

          Real Life Story:  Like many middle-aged men, Michael Hodes had
          gradually gained weight over the years.  At 207 pounds, he
          realized he needed to lose about 30 pounds, but months went by
          and he kept putting it off.  But all that changed after a visit
          to his doctor and a frightening type 2 diabetes diagnosis.  In
          order to combat his problem with diabetes, Michael was challenged
          by his doctor to exercise and lose weight.  Immediately, he went
          on the Medifast program, and after 6 months, he lost 30 pounds
          and reversed his diabetes.

   CONTACT:  To arrange an interview or for more information, please

             Susan Vander May

PRNewswire -- June 9

SOURCE: Medifast, Inc.