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April Fools - New Survey Reveals Americans Fooling Themselves When It Comes To Health And Weight
Survey Finds Americans Understand Connection Between Weight/Health, but Many Don't Care

This April 1st, the biggest joke may be on Americans' perception of their health and weight. A new survey revealed that while most Americans believe they need to lose weight, 42 percent stated that they are not at all concerned about the effect their weight is having on their health. Despite nearly daily news reports and studies that demonstrate the link between obesity and illness, Americans are still in denial about the importance of losing weight.

The survey was commissioned by leading weight management company Medifast, which is launching a new educational website to help Americans understand the myths associated with losing weight.

"Americans are fooling themselves when it comes to weight and their health," said Joe DiBartolomeo, PhD and Vice President of Clinical Affairs for Medifast. "The link between obesity and weight loss couldn't be clearer, and still Americans are in denial. Unless Americans confront their struggles and find a solution to manage their weight, the obesity epidemic will continue to grow."

The survey found that 61 percent of Americans say they need to lose between 15-50 pounds, and most (85 percent) understand that being overweight can cause a myriad of health problems, contributing to diseases like Type II diabetes. However, close to half (42 percent) said they are not at all concerned about the effect that their weight is having on their health.

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SOURCE: Medifast, Inc.

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