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AMERICAN DIABETES ALERT DAY: Tuesday, March 22; ADA Board Member Available for Interviews
  New Web Site Launched to Raise Awareness of the Dangerous Link Between
                           Obesity and Diabetes

   WHAT:     On March 22, the American Diabetes Association will
             "Sound the Alert" to raise awareness of the devastating health
             implications of diabetes.  As part of the initiative, the ADA
             is encouraging Americans to take steps to prevent developing
             the disease, and to help those at risk understand the health
             implications and need for immediate treatment and lifestyle

             New Web Site
             A new educational website (
             sponsored by Medifast, a leading weight loss and weight
             management company, is being launched to help build awareness
             of the link between diabetes and obesity, and to provide
             information on ways to prevent and treat the disease.

   WHY:      Diabetes and obesity are among the top public health problems
             in the U.S.  Consider the following facts:

                -- Diabetes is one of the 5 deadliest diseases in the U.S.
                -- More than 18 million Americans have diabetes, yet
                   5 million are not aware and have not been diagnosed
                -- Approximately 400,000 people die each year from diabetes
                -- Research studies prove that moderate weight loss and
                   exercise can prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes

   WHO:      Expert:  Leo Williams is on the ADA Board of Directors in
             Maryland and is available to discuss the health risks
             associated with diabetes, the link between obesity and
             diabetes, and modest lifestyle changes Americans should take to
             prevent diabetes and/or limit its dangerous health effects.

             Case Study:  Pamela Noorda is available to share her
             inspirational story on how she improved her health after both
             her parents were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  Realizing she
             was at a very high risk, she lost 72 lbs and made changes to
             her lifestyle that have resulted in improved health and a new
             outlook on life.

  WHEN:      American Diabetes Alert Day is TUESDAY, March 22

  CONTACT:   To arrange an interview or for more information, please
             Susan Vander May
             +1-212-931-6170 or +1-646-483-2920

PRNewswire -- March 21

SOURCE: Medifast, Inc.