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Medifast and Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Team Up; Join Surgeon General to Combat Obesity with a Strategic Alliance

Medifast, Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: MDFT) Bradley T. MacDonald, CEO of Medifast, Inc. and Chuck Sekeres, CEO of The Health Management Group Inc., announced today a strategic alliance in which all of the Health Management Group's Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers will offer the clinically proven Medifast program and products in their medically supervised weight loss centers. This powerful new partnership will provide clients with proven weight loss results and professional one-on-one counseling and support for an end result of maximum weight loss success! The partnership comes at a time when it is most needed, as Surgeon General David Satcher is calling for major steps by communities and industry to fight fat and obesity, which may soon overtake tobacco as the chief cause of preventable deaths.

Medifast and The Health Management Group are two very well established companies with proven track records and have over 45 years of combined experience within the weight loss industry. Medifast leads the industry with cutting edge soy based meal replacement products and many of the Medifast products are heart healthy as defined by the FDA. Additionally, Medifast programs and products have been involved in clinical studies at John Hopkins University and the University of Vermont for the National Institute of Health. Over 15,000 physicians and their 500,000 patients have trusted Medifast branded products for successful weight management.

Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers are strategically positioned to assist patients who wish to lose weight and desire a medically supervised program. A staff physician, nurse and trained certified counselors work closely with patients during their weight loss program. With the addition of the Medifast meal replacement program, Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers can tailor the Medifast meal replacement program to balance the individual's weight loss goals with behavior modification necessary for long-term success.

Medifast and Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers are proud to become partners in the Surgeon General's efforts to help people lose weight and lead healthier lifestyles. To find a Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers in your area visit the Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers website at or call 1-800-205-7887. To learn more about clinically proven Medifast programs visit or call 1-800-638-7867.


SOURCE: Medifast, Inc.

Contact: Jaime M. Hershner, Director of Marketing Services of Medifast,
+1-410-581-8042, ext. 236